Do It Yourself (DIY) PPE Suit

Everyone is talking about the shortage of PPE protective suits these days. Hospitals & Govt. could run out of supply if production is not scaled timely. To facilitate everyone, I am sharing the paper pattern for S, M, L, XL, XXL for Personal Protective Equipment/Suit. Do it yourself (DIY) for manufacturers to develop it for medical professionals or industry at large.



One Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has the capability to provide a one stop service, which can establish a strong market position and network in the potential market. We are a multi-equipped designing company. “One Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd”. was founded in 2002, by a Fashion & Lifestyle designer Mr. Deepak Singh, to cater to the needs of industry throughout the India & abroad. The design staff at “One Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd” have degrees in either fashion, interiors, textile design or architecture, and today our award winning designs are executed in many design styles including contemporary, traditional, eclectic, rustic, Asian and transitional.

The company is run under the leadership of its Creative Director, Mr. Deepak Singh, to know more about him, kindly visit http://www.deepaksingh.co.in



Unmistakable product design with an attractive getup, tailored to the needs of users. This objective is the guiding principle of any design and development at One Design, which is always oriented toward market success. Following detailed research into history, materials and markets and close coordination with the client.clear-cut, understandable, the design embodies the salient attributes of the product and significance in question.

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At One Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. our mission is to deliver the best to our clients and helps them to stay ahead of others. Customer’s satisfaction is the primary aim of our business and our quality policy management system is designed to meet this goal.We are giving support to our clients which enable them to perform at a higher level.We always try to maintain a healthy relationship with our buyers so as to win the business objective for both of us.


Our mission is to deliver the best to our clients and helps them to stay ahead of others. Customer’s satisfaction is the primary aim of our business and our quality policy management system is designed to meet this goal. We believe in quality and performance and feel satisfied only when clients felt satisfied with our products. Open minded aggressive business approach and determination to growth with the products have been the hallmark of our success.

Deepak Singh – Founder, One Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Today, it can get real crazy for companies to hire and sustain a crazy designer who takes care of all his clients, design requirements and delivers on time. But hiring a professional consulting firm that also handles communication and marketing along with design is economical and above all you don’t get crazy, while your work is been done. At One Design designers / consultants not only live their holistic design philosophy (they lives and works under one umbrella as an when required), they also base their business approach on it. From the initial creative idea to the marketing strategy, from the design to product development right up to packaging, from the concept to the realization of dreams – One Design Solutions, does it all.

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Here at One Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we help  businesses and solopreneurs get noticed by providing professional and beautiful design services. We can help you each step of the way, providing everything from Product design, Graphics, Interiors, Exhibits Design, Visual Merchandising, Video Making & 3D Modeling services to keep your business looking great.

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What our clients are saying ?
Alexander Zickendraht, Designer
National Centre for Design & Product Development
I have worked with Deepak for several years in India in New Delhi, he is extremely professional and treat clients with personal attention. Completely Satisfied !
What our clients are saying ?
Rajeev Poddar
Managing Director, Cane Kraft
I got my showroom designed by One Design, the Team was extremely professional and Interviewed me and my wife before hand, to make the process completely transparent!
What our clients are saying ?
Manoj Das
General Manager, Nedfi
We got our Exhibition designed at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, The work done by One Design was truly creative, they finished the work on time with fine details. I recommend them right away!
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